Solve your upper limit problem and reach your next level with ease.

For ambitious, purpose-driven professionals who are serious about crossing their next personal or professional threshold with grace and peace of mind.

Solve your upper limit problem and reach your next level with ease.

For ambitious, purpose-driven professionals who are serious about crossing their next personal or professional threshold with grace and peace of mind.


For your gift, Michelle's 20 second reset for more clarity, focus, peace & productivity


Is working with Michelle the right solution for you?

Have you been working toward a result you crave, but are frustrated or disappointed with what feels like an invisible block or ceiling interfering with your progress? 

If you are serious about your personal and professional growth, you know we eventually bump up against new challenges and obstacles... or past issues that were never resolved and hold us back.

Michelle solves those upper limit problems and works privately and by referral with high performing service providers, leaders, executives, and business owners who recognize that “inner shifts” are necessary for incredible outer results.

If you are already enjoying your highest level of success professionally, but crave more peace, presence, and joy in your life, Michelle can absolutely help with that as well.

Clients hire Michelle when they are serious about dissolving the blocks to their next level and are ready to:

  •  Confidently make quick decisions with a process that saves time, money and energy... so they are not just throwing money at the problem, hiring the wrong team members, or other costly mistakes.
  •  Clearly identify the real source of the upper limit problems.
    No more taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back in an exhausting cycle.
  •  Release new or long-standing roadblocks quickly, easily, and permanently...even if the blocks include serious trauma, anxiety, or other complex issues.

If you have a vision for exciting growth and impact and you are ready to address your upper limit problem and “dissolve the blocks” getting in the way, let's connect.

To discuss the possibilities, please request a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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 Jen Hunt

Business Owner


"I've had 2 successful businesses, but was excited to work with Michelle to take my personal and professional lives to the next level. We were able to easily identify and clear the blocks getting in the way of my goals.... I set a financial goal that seemed like a huge reach, but at the end of the month I had received exactly that amount of money!”


 Diane Sims

Retired Financial Advisor, Spiritual Counselor


"Before I met Michelle, I had done 30 years of personal growth as I am a Spiritual Counselor. I saw Michelle speak and knew immediately I needed to work with this wonderful healer. What I appreciate about Michelle is she gets right to what was blocking me which I thought I had healed years ago. Michelle is about my success in all areas of my life and she supports that success with the many skills and gifts that she has incorporated in her amazing practice. I feel amazing shifts in my energy and I feel this work is pushing my personal growth and spiritual connection to even deeper levels. Michelle is truly gifted and my heart is filled with gratitude for this beautiful being."



Jen Millard

Business Owner


"Michelle’s six-month program completely transformed my perspective on life myself my family my career and what is possible to achieve in this life. I simply was able to stop running around and being so busy and unproductive and found peace calm abundance love and joy in the present moment which allowed me to work half the time while increasing my financial abundance.

This program is the best investment I have ever financially invested into myself in 36 years!  I’m so grateful I followed my heart and said yes to myself!"


Meet Michelle Wilson

Next Level Specialist
Trauma and Anxiety Expert


Michelle is a licensed professional counselor and has over 25 years of experience in the psychology field and 20 years as a business owner  and has empowered thousands of clients to create extraordinary lives with profound peace and joy. 

Michelle is passionate about teaching and sharing what she has learned from her personal experiences and work with clients as well as ongoing education so she can more powerfully serve clients. She has studied mind/body medicine and peak performance through Harvard Medical School and beyond as well as applied neuroscience, positive psychology, and advanced training in energy psychology.
After receiving her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, she created and directed an eating disorders treatment center in a hospital until she transitioned to private practice before having children 20 years ago. She found that traditional talk therapy was not enough to get all her clients unstuck, so she now uses cutting edge scientific practices combined with ancient spiritual wisdom.
Michelle left her thriving counseling practice in the Boston area when she moved with her husband and 2 children to Colorado for new adventures. She founded a thriving networking group of women entrepreneurs in the Denver area and now sees clients in person and virtually around the world.

To learn more about how working with Michelle could help you scale to your next amazing level, please schedule a complimentary 30-minute call today.

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