"I've had 2 successful businesses, but was excited to work with Michelle to take my personal and professional lives to the next level. Early on I reached out to Michelle for a phone session when it looked like I didn't have enough new business coming in. We easily identified and cleared the blocks getting in the way and immediately after our call, I started receiving texts and emails with business opportunities!

 Also in her 30 Day Manifesting Breakthrough Experiment, I set a financial goal that seemed like a huge reach, but at the end of themonth I had received exactly that amount of money… $20,000! I have to admit is kind of freaked me out that it was exactly what I set as my goal!”

~Jen Hunt, President drishtiplan.com

“…When I heard Michelle Wilson speak.., there was an energy of freedom, power and peace that I could sense she was connected to. I knew I needed to reach out to her. Best decision ever! If you are up to something bigger and want to quickly and permanently remove blocks that are causing you play small, you must work with Michelle! 

I leave our sessions transformed in way that I've not experienced with any other kind of therapy/ coaching and it is awesome to see the results of our work transforming my way of being in the world!   I hope you get the opportunity to experience this transformation, too!" age.

~Kendra Vanderipe, owner, saltwaterandsmoke.com

"I got SO much out of this fabulous workshop with Michelle! I have been utterly hopeless with my finances for years, but Michelle helped me get to the bottom of why I couldn't bring myself to address the problem. I honestly never expected such tangible and rapid results, but with the actionable techniques I've learned I really have changed my mindset - around not only money but my whole sense of self-worth. I'm SO GLAD I did this!!

- Gin Walker, owner, GinWalker.com

“Before I started working with Michelle, I was stuck. I had goals and dreams, but was financially struggling. I had the ability to do so much, but no motivation, as if I was blocked by a magnetic field that I just couldn’t move beyond. I didn’t feel I deserved the things I wanted, and felt unworthy.

After our first session, I thought, wow I feel better and things started changing in my life. I was getting calls back from business opportunities I thought were gone, I accepted a promotion and a speaking engagement, and I set boundaries with family members. It was easier than I thought!

I set goals, and achieved them. Including hitting my numbers for Q1, as well as other work goals. I now know that I can achieve my goals and my dreams. I no longer feel that magnetic pull keeping me from my goals. I can envision the future, and set the goals, and am free to achieve them. I know I deserve the financial freedom and the love of family. Most of all, I love myself. I like who I am, and I feel better each day.

I not only recommend working with Michelle, I think you’re doing a disservice to yourself if you don’t. Not only does Michelle tap into your current needs and dreams, but it’s much more than that, she uncovers emotions, and barriers you never even knew were keeping you back, or traumas and fears that you locked away and didn’t remember. What an amazing feeling when you acknowledge them, and clear them. The feeling of freedom, and wellness is more amazing than I can describe. You owe it to yourself, your happiness, and your wellbeing to work with Michelle, and allow her to make you, and your life better! I’m so happy I did!”

~Maria Tusinski, Independent Agent Representing Aflac,

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