Authentic Women in Business

I am the founder of this active, vibrant group of heart-centered, purpose-driven women seeking to grow and thrive professionally and personally.

When we were able to meet in person, we met twice a month in Lakewood, Colorado, but now all our our meetings are VIRTUAL which means you can join us from anywhere in the world on Zoom! You can see the details and upcoming events here:


Men are welcome here:

Definitely join our international group of "Authentic & Thriving Entrepreneurs & Leaders" here for active engagement with other cool peeps! Events overlap for both groups - Meetup and Facebook.

Unlock Your Success Code 

Private mentoring with Michelle where you will be empowered to:

  •  Use a proven tool for making reliable decisions quickly and easily.
  •  Discover and heal: trauma, fears, limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns, boundary issues, ancestral patterns, body image and eating issues, etc.
  •  Apply techniques to dissolve procrastination or overwhelm in 30 seconds or less
  •  And much more
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Soul Wisdom Manifesting & Mastermind  

Private Mentoring with Michelle PLUS the entire Manifesting Wealth Rapid Results program and advanced group work with other leaders and entrepreneurs ready to break through to their next level of income & impact!
This is a six month program that includes all the elements of the Unlock Your Success Code plus advanced apprenticeship with self-healing and a mastermind group of other purpose-driven leaders to activate the highest version of YOU with your unique gifts and manifesting power.
Please apply for a Clarity Breakthrough Call here:

Manifesting Wealth Rapid Results
Group program

Powerful 6 week program to completely transform your relationship with money! Be sure to join the FB group so you will know when I run the next "Money Breakthrough Experience" Free workshop series where I will let you know the next time enrollment is open for this program.

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More Money, Less Stress: 7 Simple Steps for More Calm and Cash Starting Today.

It’s easier than you think to feel more peace and empowerment with money.